5 Best Water Sports To Do When On Vacation


In recent times, there are a lot of water sports that are on the rise and are taking away the throne from famous adventure sports like bungee jumping, cliff jumping, animal riding, rowing, rafting etc.

So if are you a water sports enthusiast, then you are at the right place. Here’s a treat for adrenaline junkies. We are here with the 5 best water sports that are growing exponentially now.

· Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding originated especially from Hawaii as an alternative of surfing and now surprisingly it has become one of fastest growing water sports in the world. If you’re wanting to know the best paddle board check it out.

With the use subtle balance and strength, enthusiasts can use a normal surfing board and paddle to move forward and backward whenever necessary.

So they can literally race on lakes, rivers, canals and even along the coastlines. This sport despite being a low impact one, while combining attributes of both surfing and kayaking, works out almost every muscle in your body!

Anybody can try their hands on this irrespective of age.

· Scuba Diving

Without any doubt, Scuba diving is one of the popular sports around and that too for all the right reasons! It not only challenges the fitness level of an enthusiast but also provides them with mind-blowing deep sea scenery.

Interested people are inclined towards experiencing what is it like and how is life underwater.

Tobago is a very well-known dive destination. It offers dives for beginners, and even for professional divers.

There are other diving destinations as well. They are also on the rise thanks to the popularity of the sport.

Anybody can try scuba diving. It is a different experience altogether!

· Kayaking

If you want to experience the most scenic as well as the most treacherous water sport at the same time then it should be sea kayaking and river kayaking respectively.

While sea kayaking is all about having a calm and composed time, river kayaking challenges every bit of you. It is a very bold water sport and not for the faint hearted. River  best kayaking demands fitness, strength, focus and balance.

The extreme versatile nature of this sport makes it one of the most desirable sports around.

So if you’re a true nature lover and an adventure junkie then Kayaking should top your list.

· Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a potent new water sport that has become one of the hot favorites among enthusiasts.

Quite simply, wakeboarding is just like skiing, the only difference being wakeboarding is done only on water. You are strapped to a single board and usually towed behind a motorboat.

This sport combines attributes of water skiing, surfing, and even snowboarding. And that makes this so desirable and interesting.

You can literally surf over the water smoothly and can travel at good speeds. Anyone can try wakeboarding. The only thing being you need to have good balance and strength.

· Kite Surfing

Kite Surfing is one of the most interesting water sports that can ever happen.

There is no motor power involved in this sport. You will just have to rely on the wind to pick up speed and then you can surf as much as you want.

This sport is designed to take place on open areas of water, with good wind speeds that are safe for surfing. Preferable 8 to 50 knots. The water can be deep, shallow, flat or rough.

It uses the same principle of sailing, where you will get hold of a kite that will fly with the help of the wind and in turn propel you forward. There are a lot of opportunities to try stunts like jumps, tricks etc..and have fun with this sport. Once you master the basics, it is all about having fun.

The simple and easy nature of this sport makes it one of most popular and ever growing.

So, if you’re an adventure freak, then these water spots are bound to entice you for sure. Try each and every one of them to have an experience of a lifetime!…